• Quality policy

    To accomplish our policy, we have set these simple objectives:

    provide our clients with only quality products and services;
    provide our clients with the best value of our services and expertise;
    verify if our products and services are actually meeting the customers' expectations;
    ensure that our personnel is fully trained and qualified.

  • Mission

    It is the policy of C&C Shipping Solutions to provide competitive products and services, which fully conform to the requirements and expectation of our customers.

    Our overall quality objctive is to continually improve customer satisfaction by operating efficient, practical and quality system, striving to exceed customer needs at every opportunity.

Fleets Signage Maintenance - we don't lose track of you

That fact that C&C guarantees its customers full attention even for day-to-day requests is a clear expression of its top quality.
Our offices guarantee a prompt response to every customer need. In fact, we guarantee a fast response to requests for quotes, technical support, and production and delivery of even one individual sign.

In addition, C&C guarantees continuous after sales service through the online service “fleets.cc-marine.com," where customers can keep a constant eye on their on-board signage situation: both ground offices and on-board personnel can search signs by code, family, text… …once the sign is identified, we can view the graphic layout, technical characteristics, quantities present on-board, and, thanks to the placement plans, determine the exact position on-board.

It is also possible to select a group of signs, create a list in PDF, Word, or Excel, and request quotes or make purchase orders.