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Margaritaville: A Challenging Project

At C&C Sign Maker, we are always ready to embrace stimulating challenges. The refurbishment project of the cruise ship from the Margaritaville at Sea – in the port of Belfast, Northern Ireland – tested our production capabilities, requiring the creation of decorative signage for public areas in a very short timeframe.

Thanks to our production efficiency and highly qualified team, we manufactured over 100 signs in one month and completed the onboard installation in 15 days, ensuring the ship was ready to sail on time.

This success is the result of perfect synergy and meticulous planning, from the technical phase through to production and onboard installation.

“We are proud of the results achieved,” says Nicola Odone, CEO of C&C Marine, “and we are ready to tackle new challenges with the same enthusiasm and dedication.”

Please, take a look to the video of the project.

Looking Ahead

Our experience with the Margaritaville project has reinforced our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver under pressure. As we look to the future, we are excited to take on new projects that challenge us to push our limits and showcase our capabilities.

At C&C, we believe that every challenge is an opportunity to grow and excel. We are ready and eager to face whatever comes next with the same passion and dedication that have driven our success thus far.

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