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Admiralty: United Kingdom Hydrographic Office Maritime Data Solutions

ADMIRALTY is the single most authoritative source for chart data used by the various digital navigation brands. It also publishes ADPs (ADMIRALTY Digital Publications) which are mandatory on all commercial ships.

The UK Hydrographic Office is the world leader in hydrography. It has always provided marine geospatial data to navigators.

For over 220 years, UKHO has been producing charts and publications for the safe navigation of ships, crew and cargo. ADMIRALTY’s impressive portfolio of maritime data can be found on board 90% of ships trading internationally.

Maritime navigation today is primarily digital and UKHO provides one of the widest ranges of charts, publications and electronic services to meet the ever-changing needs of mariners.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the institute keeps its data constantly up-to-date; for example, by analysing billions of points it is able to monitor global maritime traffic, and by sampling constant tidal observations it can make highly accurate future predictions.


Admiralty product lines for e-navigation

AVCS - Admiralty Vector Chart Service

ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) is the world’s leading official digital maritime chart service; with over 17,000 official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs), ADMIRALTY is a global reference for a safe and efficient navigation that meets Flag and Port State requirements.

  • The world’s most comprehensive global maritime ENC coverage.
  • Unique ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) for passage planning information.
  • Weekly updates available via e-mail, online or on DVD.
  • Service delivered in industry standard S-63 / S-57 formats, ensuring compatibility with all ECDIS sold today, even in a mixed fleet.
  • Online version available for shore-based activities.

ADP - Admiralty Digital Publications

ADMIRALTY Digital Publications are divided into the following categories:

ADMIRALTY TotalTide (ATT) provides bridge crews with fast and accurate tide height and tidal stream forecasts for more than 7,000 ports and 3,000 tidal streams worldwide.

ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights (ADLL) is an advanced source of information on navigational light and fog signals, covering more than 85,000 individual fixed light structures including lighthouses, lightships, illuminated floating marks and fog signals.

ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals contribute to the safety and security of navigation in compliance with current regulations, helping bridge crews to manage communications and meet reporting regulations.

AENP - Admiralty e-Nautical Publications

ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (AENPs) are official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications available as e-books. Easy to use and update, they give full access to the information that bridge officers need.

  • Weekly notices to mariners applied accurately in seconds to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.
  • 90 official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications available in electronic format. The range includes Sailing Directions (Pilots), Ocean Passages for the World, the Nautical Almanac, Mariner’s Handbook and many more.
  • Approved for use by the Flag States of over 80% of ships trading internationally, with clear display of NM updates to aid inspections.
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