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The Digital Log Book from Navtor is now available

C&C Marine e-Navigation Division is glad to announce that the Digital Log Books are now available.
This is an important further step towards the final goal of “full paperless” ships.
The use of digital “record books” has already been approved by the majority of flags and registers and allows to drastically reduce the time dedicated to compilation, to have a unique and intuitive interface and to help make “key decisions” for a considerable saving on ship costs.

The Digital Logbook software is a web-based application, installed onboard as a standalone application (fully usable offline). It’s also available an office module able to monitor and manage alle the onboard logs.

All logs are modular and customised to vessel configurations. In details:

ORB I – Oil Record Book (Part I)
ORB II – Oil Record Book Part II
CRB – Cargo Record Book
BRB – Ballast Water Record Book
GRB – Garbage Record Book
DLB – Deck Log Book
ELB – Engine Log Book
Annex VI Log

For more info on the digital log book, feel free to contact our staff

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