C&C Marine


C&C Marine offers specialised services for the entire design,
manufacturing and installation process for onboard signage


An efficient, highly flexible partner with "Italian style"

C&C Marine has a wealth of experience in the marine sector and is able to oversee all the development phases of the signage project, both in new build and more complex refitting projects.

From the initial feasibility studies to after-sales service, C&C Marine is a specialised and efficient one-stop shop.

Starting from the designer’s draft, we carry out feasibility studies, proposing suitable materials and effective solutions; through inspections carried out on board all over the world, we produce onboard surveys and technical evaluations, and produce the signage book for all approval phases.

We manufacture all the signage components ourselves, paying attention to the smallest of details. The craftsmanship, together with use of the latest technology and machinery, guarantees the flexibility and originality that typify Made in Italy.

Logistics is one of our strengths: thanks to strong and well-established partnerships with forwarding agents, we always guarantee maximum efficiency and punctuality.
We have always been part of the marine sector and our competitive advantage is reflected in all our activities, particularly when it comes to installation and after-sales service.


Feasibility study

Starting from the design architect’s draft or the instructions of the shipowner’s technical department, or by drawing up our own design proposal, C&C Marine carries out feasibility studies for signage work, even at tender stage.

Our experience and specific know-how in the marine sector provide essential added value at this stage, both on the technical side through our choice of effective materials and solutions, and on the economic side in containing production costs.


Dedicated PM

Each order is assigned a dedicated Project Manager: they oversee every process involved, from engineering and production of the signage book to the installation phases, and are always ready to provide expert and customised support for every eventuality.

Our Project Managers are carefully selected on the basis of their problem-solving skills.


Onboard survey

Through inspections carried out on board by our specialised technicians all over the world, C&C Marine is the right partner for completing a full survey before the signage project begins. We carry out surveys and technical evaluations, identify potential issues before they arise, and correctly define all the project phases and timeframes involved.

This step is, of course, particularly important in refitting projects where, starting from the existing layout, we are able to make an accurate assessment of the work to be carried out, including cost definition and implementation times.


Engineering & Signage Book

C&C Marine produces preliminary Signage Books for the client approval phases up to the implementation of the executive drawings for the engineering phase of the signage project.

Thanks to extensive experience in the marine sector, our technical department provides ongoing support to architects and shipping company managers. Our designers are always able to suggest effective solutions that are in keeping with the desired look chosen during the interior design phase.



C&C Marine manufactures all signage components in house. The quality of the product, respect for delivery times and attention to detail make our company a global reference point for the production of exceptional signs.

Using new flatbed printing technologies, we are able to manufacture signs using and combining various materials such as Plexiglas, PVC, Forex, aluminium, steel, brass and wood, and, when necessary, combining these materials with various types of LED lights using a variety of available techniques.

The craftsmanship, together with use of state-of-the-art machinery and all the latest technologies, guarantees a degree of flexibility and originality that typify the Made in Italy style that is known throughout the world.



Based in Genoa, one of the main ports in the Mediterranean, C&C Marine has strong and well-established partnerships with major global shippers, which ensures maximum efficiency throughout the logistics chain.

Holding products in stock also at its warehouses in Miami, Florida, USA, C&C Marine ensures maximum availability of goods anywhere in the world, at any time of year.



Installation is undoubtedly one of C&C Marine’s strong points. As we have always been part of the marine supply sector, we are able to operate with ease in all onboard areas, even while at sea, with passengers on board or during transfers.

We are with you every day at sea and able to reach you at any time to carry out installations, provide replacements and perform checks, or to support fleets when route or market changes arise.

We have in-depth knowledge of international standards and safety procedures and hold all the required certifications.


After Sales

We provide fast and ongoing assistance worldwide. We have always guaranteed an effective response to day-to-day enquiries, and we are able to respond quickly, even when it concerns a single sign.

Thanks to our dedicated software, we keep track of all installations, designs, materials used and fixing methods and, having prior knowledge of all the technical specifications, we are able to work extremely efficiently.

From a sample, and using reverse engineering techniques, our technical department is able to reproduce drawings of parts installed on ships.

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