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Thanks to the experience in the field, C&C Marine has selected over the years
the best products available on the market and follows their evolution every day


The best brands for digital navigation selected by our strategy team

We work with and represent a number of brands whose product characteristics offer the best solutions on the various markets (commercial, military, yacht and maritime work).

C&C Marine selects the best products available on the market based on the operation, organisation and operating procedures concerned.

With C&C Marine, you will always have access to a team of experienced professionals who are able to design and install advanced e-Navigation systems, oversee all the phases of their implementation and provide 24-hour support for all the solutions offered.
NAVTOR, one of the main references for the commercial market; C-MAP, a proven company for the military and professional world; TIMEZERO, dedicated to the pleasure boat market; and of course ADMIRALTY, the internationally-recognised cartographic standard.


Easy transition to digital navigation

NAVTOR is today one of the main reference points for the global electronic navigation market. Its NavStation platform integrates in a single tool all the software and functions needed for voyage planning and active navigation control.


Accurate worldwide charts and expertise

C-MAP is one of the first commercial brands to enter the digital cartography market. It is still the only brand in the world to be able to include among its solutions for ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System), both the official ENC (Electronic Navigational Chart) and the unofficial cartography named “Professional+”.


A full marine navigation software solution for recreational boats

TIMEZERO is one of the first brands in the recreational, fishing, large yacht and traffic monitoring markets to offer customisable chart software (ECS – Electronic Chart System) that can be used on any platform (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile).


24h full customizable marine weather services

Navimeteo represents Italian excellence, with headquarters in Chiavari (Province of Genoa), Italy and in Penryn, Cornwall, UK. The team is made up of experienced meteorologists and provides a 24/7 service that is highly customised to the needs of each individual customer.


UKHO - Maritime Data Solutions

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) is the world leader in hydrography and has historically specialised in surveying and mapping the morphological characteristics of the seas around the globe. It processes a huge amount of data which it makes available to digital navigation products.

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