C&C Marine


C&C Marine designs, manufactures and installs
high-quality directional signage for the cruise industry.


C&C Marine designs, manufactures and installs wayfinding signage

Onboard communication must be consistent with the interior design concept and perform its main task: to provide clear and precise directions.

In accordance with the designer’s instructions or using our own design, C&C Marine designs onboard signage that aims to provide optimal readability and the best possible experience for all users, creating a level of communication that is always concise as well as quick and easy to understand.

We design and manufacture all types of onboard informational, directional and identification signage for passenger and crew areas.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the marine sector, we design, manufacture and install all types of signage on board – informational, directional and identification signs – always responding to your specific needs and helping you choose the best possible solution.

Elegantly designed, with typical Italian style and taste together with technologically advanced solutions, we offer a wide range of signage solutions created to give directions in all areas (passenger and crew).

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signage: our manufacturing process uses the latest technologies and specialised processes to fully comply with ADA requirements by displaying Braille on any type of decorative communication and informational signage where required.

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