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C&C Marine manufactures and supplies life-saving signs, IMO fire control signs,
warning and mandatory signs, prohibition signs, training and safety posters


C&C Marine manufactures and supplies standard IMO signs, flags and tapes

The International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and Flag States require the use of photoluminescent signs on board to enhance safety and adequately communicate the location of safety equipment (life-saving devices, fire control, means of escape, etc.). Any type of safety equipment must be marked with an appropriate sign.

C&C Marine produces signage in accordance with the guidance provided in IMO and ISO regulations and supplies standard items designed for greater safety on board.

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Using all the latest specialised technologies, we offer products with a very high quality/price ratio that are always in stock.

In our catalogue you can find the solution that best suits your needs from our wide range of sizes and designs:

Life-saving and escape route signs to indicate safety equipment and safe escape routes.

IMO fire control signs and fire prevention signs that provide instructions in case of fire and highlight fire related equipment.

Warnings and mandatory signs that indicate an action to be performed, potential hazardous situations or the presence of hazardous materials within a designated area.

Prohibition signs to demarcate spaces and places such as non-smoking areas, and other regulation signs on what is or is not allowed in a given area.

Training and safety posters to indicate dedicated shipping industry safety procedures.

We guarantee fast and reliable delivery, holding a wide range of safety signs in stock that can be delivered worldwide in just a few days.


In order to provide high visibility to life-saving equipment, to prevent the presence of hazardous flammable material on board, to mark areas, provide hose identification or for hose repair, C&C Marine offers a wide range of marine technical tapes.

Reflective tape, pipe repair tape, hatch cover tape, drip stop tape, CorStop zinc tape, anticorrosive tape, heat stop tape, anti-slip tape adhesive, pipe marking tape, photoluminescent tape, blocking tape, obstruction tape, bi-adhesive tape, machinery labels.

System Identification

C&C Marine manufactures all types of identification labels that can be applied to valves, flanges, pipelines, systems, equipment and fixtures, etc..
Based on the functional diagrams and isometric plans provided by the shipyard, our team of specialist fitters are able to install the complete supply of labels on the systems.

Plates are made of engraved machined brass, engraved machined traffolyte and steel. Our fixing systems are made of galvanised steel according to UNAV standards, specially shaped for ease of application to standard fixing points. Alternatively they can be manufactured and adapted to meet any technical specification requirement.

Pipe identification

In accordance with the latest ISO 14726: 2008 standard, C&C Marine manufactures the complete range of ‘marking tapes’ (C&C PIPEMARK) required for the identification of various systems fitted on board.

C&C PIPEMARK is a range of pipe identification tapes consisting of high-performance stabilised polymeric calendered soft vinyl film, coated with a durable permanent adhesive giving excellent dimensional stability and resistance to solvents.

Our specialist technicians are able to identify and mark all installed pipes.

Low location lighting

Our specialist technicians are able to oversee the entire LLL (Low Location Lighting) system, from analysis to the final design to be submitted to the classification authorities for installation and testing on board.

We are qualified to issue the five-year certificate for both photoluminescent and electrical LLL systems. For onboard inspections we assign technicians equipped with state-of-the-art digital photometers calibrated for the LLL system according to ISO 15370:2010 and IMO A. 752(18) resolutions.

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