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C&C Marine has extensive experience in the health and safety sector
and supplies and install onboard consistent and certified signage


C&C Marine supplies and installs onboard Health & Safety signage

Onboard Health & Safety is becoming increasingly important. With C&C Marine you will always have full support in this sensitive area.

Safety is always a priority on board and our company was established to meet the need to clearly indicate escape routes, life-saving equipment and all fire-fighting equipment and systems in accordance with current regulations.

We supply and install MED-approved photoluminescent Low Location Lighting (LLL) systems to guide people safely to assembly points. We are certified to issue a five-year certificate for both photoluminescent and electrical LLL systems.

Onboard hygiene has become an increasingly important factor in recent years; C&C Marine complies with USPHS standards and also with standards relating to social distancing and containment of the spread of viruses (RINA BIOSAFE SHIP notation 2020).

In terms of signage printing substrates, we meet the needs of luxury ships by using premium materials and adopting sizes that comply with regulations and the installation site. In passenger areas there is an increasing demand for luminous signage to be installed on the ceilings or walls.

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