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A point of reference for digital navigation systems

The e-Navigation Division was established with the introduction of onboard digital navigation tools, and over time it has become a point of reference for the market.

The e-Navigation Division began its activities in 2002. From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to the rapidly expanding electronic navigation market. In the ten years leading up to the compulsory use of ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display and Information System (2012) – the company developed an intensive business activity in the selection and distribution of ENC (Electronic Navigational Chart) vector charts.

Over the years, our highly specialised staff have continued to develop their know-how by carefully following market trends, studying and selecting the best available products to make them accessible to ship-owning companies, optimising work “on the bridge”, shore-side work and administration. Most of our team is made up of former deck officers and ship masters with extensive experience, also onshore, in ship management companies.


Our integrated offer of products and services

It is increasingly difficult to split our technology offering into products and services. Our integrated offer includes continuous market analysis in order to provide ongoing assistance to shipping companies in selecting and installing the best software solutions according to the type of operation, organisation, operational procedure and available budget.

Through ongoing collaboration with the Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile (Italian Merchant Shipping Academy) the CMA-Litav Training Centre, Ente Radar Genova, Navimeteo and the Istituto Idrografico della Marina (Navy Hydrographic Office), we train onboard staff through a highly developed training programme.


Our extensive experience in the digital navigation sector has enabled us to select the best brands to suit the specific needs of seafarers. Visit the dedicated section to find out more.


We carry out continuous market analysis to assist shipping companies in selecting and installing the most appropriate software solutions. Visit the dedicated section to learn more about our services.


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FTP Area

C&C Marine / e-Navigation Division always takes great care to make documentation and updates available as quickly as possible. Access our FTP area to download files easily and securely.


Our deep commitment for quality

Quality for our company is an essential element that we apply in all processes, from the first contact to the development and implementation processes up to all the updating and maintenance activities. Contact our certified experts in complete safety.

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Ente Radar Istituto “G. Marconi” Statement of Train the Trainer Course

Andrea Odone

Ente Radar Istituto “G. Marconi” Statement of Train the Trainer Course

Aleksej Grubesich

Ente Radar Istituto “G. Marconi” Statement of Train the Trainer Course

Simone Vasta

Navtor Advanced Training Certificate

Andrea Odone

Navtor Advanced Training Certificate

Aleksej Grubesich

Navtor Advanced Training Certificate

Walter Gigante

Navtor Advanced Training Certificate

Simone Vasta

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