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The update of the NavStation passage planning software is now available

NAVTOR has released an updated version of its NavStation passage planning software, version 6.3. This new version offers a number of improvements, including:

Expanded automation and auto-calculations: This will save navigators time and reduce the risk of human error.
Compliance with the latest industry standards: NavStation 6.3 is up to date with the latest SOLAS regulations.
Enhanced data utilization: The software can now access more data from NAVTOR’s e-Navigation ecosystem, which will help navigators make more informed decisions.
The ability to revise and update plans: This is a great feature for navigators who need to make changes to their route due to weather or other conditions.
A new dashboard for easy insights: This dashboard will give navigators a quick overview of their voyage progress.

NAVTOR is also continuing to innovate with other features, such as a new e-Publication Reader and Manoeuvring Assistant.

The company is committed to providing navigators with the tools they need to make safe and efficient voyages.

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