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NavFleet: A Complete Ship Operations Platform for Smart Shipping

In today’s complex maritime environment, with ever-changing regulations, environmental concerns, and commercial pressures, fleet owners and operators need to find ways to optimize their operations from shore. NAVTOR’s NavFleet is a complete ship operations platform that provides a single solution for monitoring, refining, and improving ship- and fleet-wide performance.

NavFleet integrates data from multiple sources – including vessels, shore-based facilities, and business-critical sources – to give users a comprehensive view of their fleet. The platform also automates and simplifies tasks, saving time and effort for onshore teams.

One of the key benefits of NavFleet is its ability to help fleet owners and operators comply with new regulations. NavFleet’s Emissions Simulator and EU ETS dashboard, statement, and voyage estimator make it easy to track emissions and generate reports.
NavFleet is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of the shipping industry. NAVTOR plans to release several new features in 2024, including online ENCs for shore-based teams, an earthquake and tsunami warning, and a service to help users understand and plan for the Fuel EU Maritime regulation.

With its innovative features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to continuous improvement, NavFleet is the ideal platform for modern fleet management.

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