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Unlock Peak Performance with NAVTOR’s Data-Driven Fleet Management

Imagine squeezing 45,000 metric tons of fuel savings out of your fleet. That’s the kind of impact NAVTOR’s NavFleet platform can deliver, thanks to its unique focus on vessel-specific data and holistic performance optimization.

Here’s what sets NavFleet apart

Custom DNA, Not One-Size-Fits-All: They leverage your specific ship data to build custom performance baselines. This tailored approach ensures insights are truly relevant to your fleet, unlike generic solutions.
Beyond Reporting: A Complete Solution: NavFleet goes beyond just showing you data. It helps you understand, diagnose, and optimize your fleet’s performance across all aspects, from fuel efficiency to emissions.
Actionable Insights, Proven Results: Their proven approach has a track record of success. Clients have reported saving over 45,000 MT of fuel and achieving a 20x return on investment.

NavFleet empowers all stakeholders

Commercial: Increase earnings with data-driven fixture optimization tools like fuel tables and voyage planning.
Operational: Improve voyage planning and monitoring, gain visibility into crew performance, and make informed decisions about hull cleaning.
Technical: Optimize engine performance (main engine, auxiliary engine, boiler) and reduce daily running costs.
Environmental: Monitor fleet-wide environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions and compliance with regulations.

What truly makes NavFleet special?

Holistic and Flexible: It’s a one-stop shop for e-navigation and vessel performance, offering a variety of tools for all onboard teams.
Sophisticated Onboarding: They create vessel-specific models (digital twins) and configure reporting based on your needs. On-demand training ensures everyone gets up to speed.
Unmatched Data Validation: A two-layer validation system with crew feedback ensures data accuracy and empowers informed decision-making.
Seamless Integration: NavFleet integrates with NAVTOR’s own hardware and software, as well as third-party systems, centralizing your data collection.
Modular and Customizable: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. NavFleet offers modular solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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