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Navigate with Confidence: NAVTOR’s Port Data Makes Every Harbor a Breeze

Planning your next port call? NAVTOR’s Port Data module in NavStation is your one-stop shop for the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive port information available.

S&P Global boasts an unmatched heritage of over 250 years collecting maritime data, giving you confidence that the information you rely on is dependable. They are the exclusive source for assigning IMO Ship and company numbers, ensuring unparalleled accuracy on vessel details.

NAVTOR’s Port Data puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, including:

  • Extensive Port Coverage: Gain insights on over 6,400 ports and 14,700 terminals worldwide.
  • In-Depth Country Information: Stay informed on everything from national holidays and regulations to currencies and government departments.
  • Detailed Port Descriptions: Get a clear picture of location, traffic figures, load line zones, and maximum vessel size.
  • Seamless Pre-Arrival Planning: Ensure a smooth arrival with details on required documentation, communication protocols, health regulations, and customs procedures.
  • Comprehensive Navigation Data: Navigate with confidence with information on charts, port limits, pilot services, anchorages, tides, weather, and traffic schemes.
  • Essential General Information: Find details on repairs, drydocks, bunkers, provisions, medical facilities, transportation, crew changes, and more.
  • Valuable Contact Information: Easily connect with chandlers, port authorities, agents, stevedores, and other key personnel.
  • Delve Deeper: The Port Data module provides granular details on specific berths and terminals, including:
  • Tanker Berths: Gain insights on berth restrictions, mooring arrangements, connections, and compatible cargoes.
  • Dry Cargo Berths: Access information on berth limitations, mooring arrangements, bunkering facilities, cargo handling capabilities, and berth equipment.
  • Dominate Every Port Call: With NAVTOR’s Port Data module, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to navigate any port with ease.

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