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NavStation – Auto Routeing

Smarter Voyage Planning with NavStation’s New Auto-Routing Module

NAVTOR’s NavStation is getting a major upgrade with the introduction of a new, intelligent Auto-Routing module. This blog post dives into the features and benefits of this time-saving tool for captains and navigation officers.

Save time and effort with NavStation’s new integrated Auto Routeing module. This feature generates route suggestions in seconds, giving you a quick overview of distance and estimated travel time. Use this as a starting point for your detailed route planning.

How it Works

  • Auto Routeing prioritizes the shortest route possible.
  • It utilizes open waters and follows predefined lines in restricted areas like coastal zones, traffic separation schemes (TSS), and port entrances.
  • You can easily modify and compare different route options.

Key Features

  • Blocker Management: Close off common obstacles like straits, TSS, and canals to refine your route options.
  • Smart Routing: Combines the shortest route in open waters with predefined lines in restricted areas for efficiency.
  • Detailed Port Routing: Get a complete route suggestion, berth to berth, for most terminals in major ports by simply selecting your desired location.


  • Saves valuable time during voyage planning.
    Provides a quick and easy starting point for detailed route development.
  • Offers flexible route options for informed decision-making.

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