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C & C Marine has chosen NAVTOR to simplify operations, increase efficiency
and improve operations and make life more efficient for boaters and owners.


NAVTOR: easy transition to digital navigation

Company Information

NAVTOR is a Norwegian company with headquarters in Egersund and subsidiaries all over the world (Singapore, Japan, Sweden, UK, USA and Russia).
Having become a well-established global point of reference, NAVTOR provides innovative electronic navigation solutions for the commercial maritime sector.

We know the NAVTOR team very well. They were the first in the world to deal with digital navigation; their experience and ability to develop appropriate and easy-to-use solutions for the officer on deck remains unrivalled to this day.

NAVTOR products are easy to distribute, and navigational data are continuously updated and optimised.

NAVTOR is now without doubt one of the benchmarks in the global e-navigation market.
Its NavStation platform, installed on a computer on the bridge, integrates in a single interface all the software and functions necessary to plan the voyage and control navigation.

The fully SOLAS-compliant Passage Planning Module greatly reduces the time required for the deck officer to complete the voyage plan. The solution automatically selects the necessary charts and publications, and checks their validity.

All operations carried out on the charts are automatically recorded on the Passage Planning Module. The UKC is automatically calculated for the desired waypoints based on chart bathymetry, ship draught, tide tables, squat and list.
ADMIRALTY publications can be accessed directly through the NavStation without the need to open additional software. The weather and environmental services are integrated in the same interface.

C&C Marine selected NAVTOR because it is one of the most comprehensive providers of advanced electronic navigation products and services. NAVTOR simplifies tasks, increases efficiency and improves operations to make life easier and safer, clearer and more efficient for navigators and shipowners.

Electronic Navigation Solutions – Using the latest electronic navigation technology, NAVTOR simplifies tasks, increases efficiency and improves operations to make life easier and safer, clearer and more efficient for navigators and shipowners.

Digital charts and publications – NAVTOR’s digital service is offered for distribution on the pre-loaded NavStick USB, allowing navigators to instantly download global ENC coverage and nautical publications.

NAVTOR is an official distributor of ADMIRALTY Products.

Paper charts and publications – NAVTOR provides worldwide coverage of paper charts and publications, as well as maritime products and services for accurate and reliable information for passage planning and navigation.

Weather and weather routing – NAVTOR offers an integrated weather and routing functionality that is an easy-to-use graphic maritime voyage optimisation system providing weather routing information.

ECDIS Kernel SDK – NAVTOR ECDIS Kernel SDK (Software Development Kit) is one of the leading software tools for the development of maritime chart reading applications. Our ECDIS Kernel is ready for the new ECDIS standards and the upcoming S-100 framework.


The NAVTOR product lines for digital navigation


To simplify the management of charts and publications, NAVTOR offers a software solution that provides both onboard and shore crews with access to the latest versions of required ENCs, the latest reports, and up-to-date tracking of individual vessels and the entire fleet’s movement.


To optimise the passage planning process, NAVTOR has developed NavStation: a digital planning station that puts all critical travel information in one place at the navigator’s fingertips. By integrating all digital navigational data for optimal onscreen presentation, navigators can work in layers and discover a new e-Navigation reality.


NAVTOR software can be installed on an onboard PC or on the NavBox – a small component that connects to the ship’s ECDIS and automatically downloads the latest navigational data without users having to check for updates. This drastically reduces workloads, ensures regulatory compliance and safety, and gives onshore teams a complete overview of chart usage, management and expenditure.

NavSync & NavStick

With the NAVTOR software solution, navigators can easily download the latest updates to a computer connected to the Internet. With a simple push of a button, the necessary files can then be transferred to a USB-based solution which in turn can be connected to the ECDIS to finalise the update.

After downloading the latest version of the ENC / ADP / AENP updates, it is also possible to produce a report for Port State Control or vetting, checking that the ship is equipped with the latest charts and required publications.

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