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C & C Marine has chosen TimeZero to ensure maximum flexibility and
meet the needs of the large yacht and pleasure boat market


TIMEZERO: a complete marine navigation software solution for recreational boats

Thanks to 30 years of working in marine navigation, TIMEZERO boasts proven and powerful technology that has been developed with a unique vision allowing for continuous innovation.

TIMEZERO is one of the first brands to enter the market for recreational boats, fishing vessels, large yachts and traffic monitoring.

TIMEZERO’s cutting-edge design was developed to meet the needs of recreational sailing, cruising and regattas, as well as to provide a professional solution to serve the needs of all maritime industries.

C&C Marine chose TIMEZERO to guarantee maximum flexibility and systems that are always tested by leading professionals in their respective fields in order to optimise the software for the specific needs of each market.

With over 25,000 installations worldwide, TIMEZERO software is sold in 25 countries on 6 continents. The software is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, French, Icelandic, German, Chinese and Thai.


TIMEZERO product lines for digital navigation

TZ Navigator

TZ Navigator software has been designed to meet the navigational needs and requirements of recreational sailors. With truly cutting-edge features, the software takes you from cruising with your powerboat or yacht, to regattas.

TZ Professional

TZ Professional software is designed to meet the needs and navigation requirements of all professional seafarers. With cutting-edge functionality, TIMEZERO software has two main objectives: supreme control and performance.

TZ Charts

Through MapMedia, a subsidiary specialising in digital cartography and raster data processing, TIMEZERO offers more than 6,000 nautical charts from around the world, including vector charts from C-Map and Navionics data. This includes special Navionics and C-Map World Pack for recreational boaters who need complete world coverage.

TZ Coastal monitoring

TZ Coastal Monitoring is the perfect solution for shoreside industrial facilities that need constant monitoring, such as power plants, dams, oil refineries and LNG plants.

TZ iBoat

Detailed nautical charts, GPS and weather on iPad and iPhone. TZ iBoat offers essential features for cruising, sailing and fishing by providing a smooth and simple user experience. Everything you need to explore your sailing area in the most favourable conditions.

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